The World Map

Thulaen Lands Map2Thulaen Lands consists of three main human settlements: the trade-city of Cyr, the militaristic monarchy of Valerius, and the large kingdom to the south, Themis.  Cyr is a large, cosmopolitan city founded by people from farther south of Themis.  The city has a strong reciprocal relationship with Valerius, providing a port for the importing and exporting of goods to the land-locked Valerius.  In turn, Valerius provides security to Cyr.  If ever an army threatens the walls of Cyr, Valerius will come to its aid.

Cyr is the home city of the player characters of the campaign, although most come from other locations, attracted to the area because of its relatively wild nature and opportunity for adventure.

The core player characters of Thulaen Lands:

  • Tanin Cormander – half-elf bard/warlock, native of Cyr
  • Kulo Hu – human rogue/cleric from the East
  • Belladore – halfling bard/rogue
  • Xrax – human fighter from the wilds of the far North
  • Velnius – elf ranger with his trusty companion Xerbo, the mastiff
  • Pabelle – hill-dwarf druid

Additional player characters:

  • Lykopsis – half-orc druid
  • Bao – human monk from the East
  • Seraph – human barbarian from the North
  • Mara – human druid

Non-player characters:

  • Okkar Ironeyes – mountain (sojourner) dwarf fighter
  • Jana – human fighter (gladiator)
  • Enna Moonwhisper – wood-elf fighter
  • Ethan Dorados – human bard