Session 4: The Barrow Tomb of the Karpath Brothers

Karpath Barrow Tomb

(Note: This adventure took place in October 2016.  In campaign time, this adventure took place the next day after the Steelhand Clan Redoubt).

After the night of rest, Xrax and Okkar agreed to accompany Enna Moonwhisper back to Cyr.  Her recent captivity at the hands of the orcs had troubled her deeply and she had no intention of returning to her adventuring life, at least at this point.

Kulo, Tanin, Velnius, and Jana decided to travel to Edgewood (lumber town in the King’s Wood between Cyr and Valerius).  Jana had recently acquired the location of the Barrow Tomb of the Karpath Brothers, rumored to be filled with treasure.

The Karpath Brothers, Brom and Vladislav, were wealthy noblemen from Valerius who made their fortunes in Edgewood on the burgeoning lumber trade.  Edgewood’s location along the Hyperborean River made floating lumber down the river to Cyr easy.  As a major port city, Cyr has great need for lumber for shipbuilding.  According to local lore, the Karpath Brothers’ noble heritage and wealth as lumber barons did not satisfy their desire for power.  Rumor had it that the brothers were involved in evil activities, perhaps at the behest of a demonic patron.  This bit of information helped to assuage Kulo and Velnius over the morality of raiding a gravesite.  Tanin agreed, although he didn’t seem necessarily bothered before learning about the possible demon pact.

Travel to Edgewood would take two days from the Steelhand Clan Redoubt.  During the first day of travel, the party was accosted by a group of rough looking fellows, ostensibly bandits, who demanded the party pay a toll to continue on their way.  Tanin attempted to gently persuade the leader to let them pass unmolested but his sweet tongue did little but upset the bandits, who then decided to take what they wanted by force.  The ensuing battle was short-lived.  The ruffians poor weapons and armor made them an easy obstacle to overcome.


Arriving in Edgewood, the party sought accommodations at the Axe and Saw Inn to rest before seeking the location of the barrow tomb.  In town, the party asked around for more information about the Karpath Brothers.  They learned that the brothers were involved in a pact with Orcus, specifically.  Their abandoned manor house, called “Grim Manor,” was under constant guard by the Valeriun garrison, despite the death of the brothers for years.  Residents have reported seeing and hearing strange things from the manor house.  The house is under constant watch since the brothers were nobility of Valerius.

The next day, the party traveled to the location of the tomb according to Jana’s information.  On a grassy knoll, they found a stone staircase descending to a door.  As soon as the party crossed an invisible threshold onto the knoll, two animated skeletons emerged as if bubbling from the ground.  The party fought the skeletons but as quickly as they could dispatch the skeletons, new ones would bubble out of the ground.  Tanin quickly realized that they needed to get inside the tomb–the skeletons would continue to spawn as long as they stood near the entrance of the tomb.

Barrow Tomb Entrance

Opening the door to the tomb revealed a hallway that lead to openings both to the left and right, as well as a second entrance to a room on the right.   A suit of armor stood at the end of the hallway.  As soon as the party crossed the threshold of the room, the suit of armor animated and attacked them.  Eventually the suit of armor collapsed into a heap on the floor after the party hacked away at it for some time.

Karpath Barrow Tomb 2

The party entered the room to their immediate right and set about exploring for treasure.  Unfortunately, the room contained mostly broken shards of pottery and a pile of bones in the corner.  Tanin moved up to examine the bones, at which point the bones collectively pulled together to form a skeleton warrior.  Despite the close quarters, the skeleton was quickly reduced back to a pile of bones.

Karpath Barrow Tomb 3

After the skeleton fight, the party peered into the room that was on their left when entering the tomb.  They could see a dark figure hunkering down along the far wall.  Not taking any chances, Kulo unleashed a crossbow bolt into the creature’s back.  The attack brought the ghoul to undead life as it turned and moved to assault the party.  Hack and slash, hack and slash, the party returned the thing from the crypt back whence it came.  On a table in the tomb, the party discovered two potions.  From a taste, the PCs new one was a potion of healing.  The other potion had separate bands of brown, silver, and gray layers.

Barrow Tomb Ghoul

Turning back to the half of the tomb yet unexplored, the party proceeded single-file down a narrow corridor.  As soon as they entered the corridor, an animated scimitar came hurtling at the party.  The flying scimitar caused some damage to the party.  Eventually the scimitar’s animated magic succumbed and it clanged to the ground.  However, unlike the animated armor, the scimitar appeared to be undamaged after the fight.  In fact, it gleamed with an otherworldly shine in the dark and decrepit corridor.  Tanin grabbed the blade and put it in his belt.

Barrow Tomb Scimitar

With no further obstacle in their way, the party continued down the narrow corridor.  At the threshold to the remaining room, the party tried to peer into it and see if they could see another creature like before.  But the hard corner of the wall prevented them from seeing anything.  Rounding the corner, another ghoulish figure assaulted the party.  This walking dead appeared stronger than the other, but was ultimately vanquished by the party.

Scouring this part of the tomb for loot, the party found Boots of Elvenkind, a Helm of Telepathy, 360 GP, and an obsidian statue of a goat-headed demon.  Jana ended up taking the two potions.  Velnius grabbed the boots.  And Tanin took the Helm and the Scimitar (later learned to be the Blade of Dark Deeds).  The party returned to Edgewood with their loot and greater adventuring experience.  Tanin and Kulo advanced to 3rd-level.

Paper Terrain and Skeletons (by Kiladecus): Inked Adventures

Bandit Paper Miniatures: One Monk/Mayhem in Paper

Ghoul Paper Miniatures: Brave Adventures

Animated Armor and Scimitar Paper Miniatures: Printable Heroes

Paper Miniatures for Kulo and Jana: Permes

Paper Miniatures for Velnius and Tanin: Kev’s Lounge Paper Miniatures

Inspiration for Adventure: Adventure Shorts, Vol 3 by R&D Adventures



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